The wanderers return 
The plane was early, but obviously midnight is rush hour at Auckland Airport. It was about 1am by the time we finally got home.

Sarah adjusted fairly quickly. Rachael still has issues getting up in the morning, but that's pretty normal. Bronwyn got a delayed reaction. She got jetlag about 5 days afterwards.

They've come back with a pile of photos, lots of cheap clothes, and a large credit card bill. I suspect the hotel gave them a double room, hence it cost twice as much! It'll take us a while to pay it off, but at least they all got back safely.

Rachael made it to the agricultural day at school 45 minutes late. She was supposed to make several things out of natural materials, so I raced round the garden with a few bags and piled in everything I could find. She got first prize for a decorated hat, and second for her flower arrangement in an old gumboot. Plus a Highly Commended (i.e. "thanks for turning up") for her miniature garden.

Rachael has been given the task of looking after Claire's son Cooper, in the hope she might learn responsibility. Well that's the plan, anyway. Just so long as Cooper doesn't get hold of the axe again...

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