Tom and Jerry 
Tomorrow is going to be busy. Bronwyn has her aspbergers support group, I've got the brass band AGM, and Sarah's going to a birthday party. All simultaneously. Meanwhile, Rachael will be busy playing Minecraft.

Rachael's now back to normal. She had three days off this week, but by Tuesday night she was beginning to make snarky comments, so presumably her voice is OK now.

My colleague has made me several hundred business cards. Don't think I've ever had that many in my life. Now I need to work out how to get rid of them! We had a marketing consultant in, who talked through our talents and history, and came up with the idea of data plumbers. So here we are, ready to link up your systems and maximise your data flow. Unclog your network and tidy up your messes. That sort of thing...

Meanwhile, we've now got two new lambs to feed. One was a runt and got abandoned, but picked up rapidly after a couple of feeds. The other one's mother had paralysis in the back legs, and he couldn't feed properly. So it's back to bottles and milk powder every few hours. Sarah missed out on getting another two chicks this year (I suspect there was some plotting by Bronwyn there) but it looks like she might have a lamb to enter in the agricultural day competition instead. We've named them Tom and Jerry...

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