Cold (and flu) 
My hair is back. Since it's new hair, it's quite fine at the ends. I'm liking the soft furry look, but I know if I try to keep it like this, the next cut will look like a hedgehog. At least it's grown in time for winter.

I've spent a while down at the church sorting out the network. OK, the jumble of cables slung over door frames and across carpets. It started off when we found we couldn't upload anything. Fixed that. Then they wanted wireless access through the whole building, so I spent a while working out how to free up the wifi box in order to move it. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours underneath the sound desk trying to sort out the jungle of cables and thinking "Hmm. We haven't used THAT for quite a while now". Looks like I might be there a while too.

Spent three days in Christchurch at the annual youth work conference. Everyone said it would be cold, so I brought the coat I'd bought last time we were in England. Plus a woolly hat and gloves. I was fine. Also brought a cowboy hat, neckerchief and braces for the hoe down on the last night. Didn't think I'd be able to keep up, but it seems I made quite a scene. Was pretty shattered once I got home though!

Got the flu shortly after that. Probably got it from everyone else in the family = we've all had it! It was bad. It was so terrible I actually had to break into Bronwyn's extensive cache of painkillers. I'm fine now.

Quite a storm last week, apparently. Snow down to 100m and cold winds. Hmm. I remember when the North Sea froze, and that hasn't happened here ever! It was rather wet and windy here for a day or two.

We've had some people round replacing rotten wood around the house. It's been quite a while since we did any sort of renovation, and it's going to get painted as well. So alas, we'll no longer be a target for film crews looking for dilapidated old farm houses any more...

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