Did more excavation on the drive yesterday. The youth group's doughnut machine is now occupying the little shed, and my car is next to Bronwyn's in the big shed. I excavated the driveway for the little shed last year, but the right hand side of the big shed just had grass in front of it. Discovered two concrete strips at least ten feet long, buried about two inches deep. No idea how long they've been buried for. I recall Bronwyn's dad saying that there were only stones there. Bronwyn had bought two sacks of stones to put on top, after the grass turned into a swamp with all the rain.

There's probably more to be found, but I think I overdid it. I'm not well today, and I'm taking it easy.

Quiet at work this week. Dave is in Wellington for a conference, and Phil and Ben are on holiday. So it was me and Giles. I've been given a lot of bugs to fix, and I've been slowly working through them. I might put up a chart on the wall, so I can cross them off...

Bronwyn missed Friday this week. She's been having real problems with a visiting student. This student is 47, and has got certificates from Korea, but doesn't seem to understand how things are done. Bronwyn couldn't give her particularly good marks on anything, because she tended to just stand there and not get involved. There were a few incidents which Bronwyn raised with the student's lecturer, and resulted in the student failing the practical. The general atmosphere got so bad that Bronwyn couldn't bring herself to go in the the last day, and got a doctor's note.

Next week should be better. It's the end of the three weeks, and the student is back at university. Meanwhile, Bronwyn is out fetching a chair that she's just bought. This is going to be a Birthday Chair, and they're going to paint and decorate it. It's for the child who has a birthday that day. This is as a result of an over-zealous parent who took over the centre and brought in a childrens' entertainer and various other things for the day. Like last year, and the year before. Which is a little unfair on the parents who can't even afford a birthday present. So now they have a Birthday Policy, on top of all the other policies...

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