Bronwyn's dad was inducted into the church this morning, and the children were also doing an Easter play. Another girl was getting baptised. So it was quite a lengthy service by Huapai standards, but it all went smoothly. Rachael said her piece perfectly, and Sarah survived without exploding. Bronwyn's mum got me to take photos, so I spent most of the morning blinding the children, the priest, and anybody else who moved. We then had Morning Tea in the hall, and we're due to have lunch over at Bronwyn's parents' shortly.

The brass band is sounding good, although there's a few spots where things get a bit tricky, so we've spent the week working out how to cover them up. We're off first thing on Friday morning, and it'll be a five hour drive to Napier, which is on the south east coast of the north island. Two nights there, and then all the way home again. As I've said before, I'll be glad when it's all over. Our next major event is sorting out the band hall. It's due to collapse. In the interim, the percussionist needs to watch her weight, otherwise she'll fall through the hole.

Otherwise all is quiet. For now...

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