Back again 
I was ill for two full weeks, and had to go back for more shots on Monday and Tuesday. But I'm feeling better than I have been for at least three weeks, so hopefully it's past. I've still got 2 weeks of antibiotics to go!

Claire's house is appearing fast; they now have the frame up for the walls, and it's beginning to look like a house rather than a muddy mess. They're right next door to the winery, so I hope they can cope with the occasional engagement parties. We had one last week that went thumping on into the night, and we're quite a bit further away!

Rachael has made her debut as an author. She wrote a poem for armistice day, and the school thought it was so good that they got her to read it at the church service on the 11th. We sent it out to quite a few people, and they all though it was great:

Peace on Armistice Day

Peace is a soft feather,
Floating with twinkling white
snowflakes in the breeze,
Flying quietly by.

When peace happens, resting begins,
Like you are lying on the soft clouds of heaven,
You are resting with warm softness,
While you are sleeping in peace.

War is a horrible time of no peace,
When bad things happen;
Miserable feelings spread across the eyes of peace

She also wrote a story, and won a $150 prize from a local radio station. She's been recorded reading it out, and it's going to be played one Sunday morning. Not sure which!

Bronwyn's been busy. She was out at work all Saturday helping them tidy up the childcare centre. Then she got called in to cover an extra day, and there was a staff meeting she had to go to on Thursday. She was about to head in this morning, but I persuaded her to have a day in. They had a 'white' day yesterday, as part of some campaign against domestic violence. Everything had to be white. After spending all day fishing out white playdough from the sandpit and white paint from everywhere else, she was pretty worn out.

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