Rugby mad. 
At work on Monday, we had a draw to work out which team we would each support. They'd already put me down for England, but I protested that I wanted to support Romania, since my Romanian colleague Daniel wasn't interested in rugby. So they put me in the draw anyway, and I got New Zealand. I currently have an All Blacks scarf, an old English flag from 8 years ago, and Bronwyn managed to find a Romanian flag in the $2 shop. Watched Ireland beat Australia last night. Bronwyn was over the moon. You see, she supports the All Blacks, and any team that can beat the Wallabies...

Spent a while sorting out the accounts for the band. I'm now allowed to sign cheques, but of course I need to get two signatures, so I still have to go and find someone else to sign them too. It also means that internet and telephone banking is not possible. So it currently feels very much like the 1980s. I'm juggling cheque books, envelopes, stamps, and a ring binder of receipts. We've just had a grant in to build a store room. This is just as well, because I had a queue of people wanting money last week!

Bronwyn only did one day at work last week. But it was a very long day, and they wanted her to work all week at the same place. They seem to have a lot of staff relievers at this particular center!

Preparations are under way for Bronwyn's birthday. Still no clue about the operation, so we're planning an afternoon at her parent's house. I've bought some presents...

Rachael is still raising money for her trip to the Jamboree next year. I made a huge batch of fudge last night (it took 1.6kg of sugar!) and they've been selling it this afternoon, plus some cupcakes. Sold lots - I hear Rachael's hit the $200 mark! Not sure if it was wise making that much fudge in one go though - I had to be very careful otherwise it would have boiled over, and I used a very big pot. Still tastes good though.

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