Next weekend, Bronwyn is organising a dinner for her parents' church home group. Yesterday she attacked the lounge, and cleared all the clothes off the bedroom floor. This morning she sanitised the toilet. I've done about 4 loads of washing so far, and sorted through all the clothes littering Rachael and Sarah's bedroom floors. I put on a gas mask this time, and for once my lungs aren't full of dust.

Wasn't well last week. I've been hot and cold, tired and brain dead. I found some antibiotics in the cupboard from when I had a similar infection, and they seem to have helped. I feel fine for once!

Arthur the arthritic sheep is still in the garden, but seems to be in better health. He's very garden friendly. He's been eating grass, and also the jasmine, which otherwise infests the garden rapidly. Don't think he's touched anything else. Eventually he'll be let out again, but probably in a separate paddock to keep him from being bullied by the other sheep.

My car isn't starting. Well, not without 20 minutes and some rather hot jump leads. Might be time for a new engine. Or car.

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