I was at work for three days this week, and all was quiet. We did a lot of planning and discussing. Meanwhile, Bronwyn got paid rather late. We suspect it's because the YMCA is in financial difficulties. Bronwyn was making quite a few phone calls yesterday!

Spent about 4 hours changing a shirt from orange to brown. I first used a dye bleacher which converted the orange to a girly pink. I then was about to dye it brown, but accidentally got a few spots of dye on the shirt before it was properly dissolved. So I had to leave the dye, dash out and find more bleach, and start again. Fortunately this might have done it good, because the second bleach turned the girly pink to a pale baby pink. I then made sure the dye was dissolved before changing the shirt to brown.

This is part of my plan to create a 1947 Parachute Festival shirt. I go there every year, and people seem to enjoy wearing the old T-shirts. I found an old shirt that looked close to a World War Two style. It's probably 1950s, but it's close enough. I've now made a "Parachute 1947" patch for it. I'm planning to do some more, but it's highly tedious doing the lettering!

Cleaned Bronwyn's car. It took a couple of hours, and two bags of rubbish, but at least we can make use of the extra space next week.

Bronwyn reciprocated by mowing the lawn. She also mowed a paint tin that happened to be hiding in the grass. Part of the driveway is now speckled white.

Off camping next week. The weather looks good so far...

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