Never a dull moment 
Angus is limping. Looks like he's sprained one front ankle. Bronwyn felt the leg carefully, and couldn't detect anything out of place, and the vet agrees with her diagnosis. So he's been rather subdued for a few days. For once. He probably did it trying to leap onto the picnic table. Or the fence. Or the lawnmower again. But now he's unable to leap the boards, climb the chain link fence, clamber through the strawberry net and crash through the hedge. All is peaceful, for now.

One poorly chicken too. Now normally, chickens poo everywhere. On the back yard, the deck, the doorstep, the kitchen, the lounge, you name it. But one chicken seemed to be doing it to extreme, and her feathers didn't look tidy either. So Bronwyn went to the vet and came back with some worming drops to put in their water. Seems to have worked. Back to normal poo now.

Sarah has just a week or two to train her lamb for Ag day. She's also got to get her chicken and lamb diaries up to date. But Leia seems quite amenable, like Tom was last year. Not sure how Cooper will do with Angus. He's spent most of the holidays on a skiing trip, and has hardly seen his lamb, let alone trained him. But their personalities match quite well. Hopefully Cooper will return in one piece just in time for Angus to learn to walk again!

Bronwyn has been at work four days most weeks. She's also been leading the team at both elderly homes. She organised three local churches to do music on a Sunday afternoon. She's spent hours printing music and putting it in folders. We've had a few people off sick or away, so she's been doing more than her share on the roster. I joined in last week on trombone. Great fun, especially with some of the Golden Oldies we played!

I'll be seeing a lot of that trombone. Church this morning, concert this afternoon and regional contest next week. Then we'll probably get out the Christmas music.

Getting warmer now. Trees are turning green. Well, the European ones, anyway. The Bottle Brush is turning bright red.

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