After two hours on the chemo drip the nurse looked at the lump on my neck and casually said "Yes, it seems to be reducing". Crumbs. That was quick! Within a day or two it was down to just a fleshy patch with no noticeable lump at all.

Had a week and a half of not feeling too good, but this week I've been pretty much back to normal. Hasn't been half as bad as I'd been expecting. And now they're saying that my hair is just going to thin a bit, rather than all fall out. So all going well so far. Next chemo is on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Sarah is getting bored, and Rachael has hardly left the house. Bronwyn's been planning a few trips out in lieu of the camping trip we were about to go on. Now that their friends are back home again, there's more options for sleepovers. Sarah spent a night camping with her cousin and came back extremely tired!

Bronwyn is now on the staff at church as children's ministry leader. She's been turfing out all the cupboards and planning activities. She's down to three days a week at her current job, and 15 hours for the church. I've given her a time tracker on her laptop; she wants to be keep a log of how much time she uses!

It's generally been cloudy and warm here. Occasional sunshine, but not really Auckland January weather so far. But Bronwyn's been busy out doing haymaking or treating fly struck lambs. Harley got particularly badly hit by maggots, and was back in our garden for a bit recovering. Meanwhile, one of our chickens has been broody, and didn't leave the nest for ages, despite not laying any eggs. We had to keep her shut out for a week or two. She seems to have got over it now!

Had a birthday tea this afternoon. However, due to various reasons nobody turned up! At least it gave us the incentive to tidy up and put away all the Christmas decorations, and then have a quiet hour until some friends turned up rather late...

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