Obviously my tidy up of the art cupboard was not without its drawbacks. Sarah found a new uncharted domain, and started painting the carpet in her room. Unfortunately she chose glass paint, which is like coloured glue. I tried varnish remover, which got most of the sticky stuff off, but merged the colour into a darkened splodge. Later in the week, she found some embossing powder, and sprinkled that on the carpet too. Plus some cornflour which I recently found stashed behind the sofa. I understand the forthcoming referendum on smacking is hotly contested. Fortunately it was only a scrap of leftover carpet from Bronwyn's brother. However, I'm leaving it in her room for now as a reminder of what she did...

At work, we're planning to release an open source version of our software. The idea is that schools can download it for free, and set it up themselves. It will be a much cut down version, aimed at allowing parents to view their child's data online. The Ministry of Education are sponsoring us to do it. Before we can split off the version, we need to do a major tidy up of the existing software. It's riddled with old stuff from the very beginnings, as well as being somewhat disorganised since it's had bits added by different people over the years. So I spent most of Friday and a large chunk of Saturday setting up a new version, copying in files into a better structure, and linking it all together. So far I've made the login screen work, and I think I've logged in, although it's hard to tell since I just get an error when it tries to show the home page. But I'll get there eventually. The rearrangement needs to be done as quickly as possible, so that the others aren't held up on the various parts they're working on.

In two weeks, the home group is going to have a "pot luck" dinner at our house. It's the same as a "bring a plate" dinner in England, although it's aimed at a proper meal, not party food. However, the house is in dire need of tidying up, so I've spent several hours today doing battle with toys, hair clips, paper, books, blankets, dirty cups and dirty underwear. A pile of washing needs sorting. Bronwyn has bought a throw for the sofa, and some cushions. It's a futile exercise I know, but it has to be done.

Looks like I'm on the committee for the band again. However, the meetings are on a Tuesday, which is Bronwyn's home group. So I've told them I might have to bring the children. Haven't heard back yet...

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