Into the swing 
Two parades yesterday. Glad I'm feeling better now. Except that there's a rough spot on an old filling, and I think I need to see the dentist. Ah well. I still have some sick leave left, and with Bronwyn's job, we're not doing too badly financially. Just as well; we put Bronwyn's car in for a service, and it needed two new HT leads, an air filter and two rear shocks. It'll be about $800 altogether!

As a special treat to Rachael for her literary efforts at school, we let her have a sleep over. She's had two friends over since yesterday. You know, having provided Rachael with a tree house, two swings, a trampoline and 100 acres of countryside, you'd have thought they might have made some use of them. No... they've been inside most of the weekend, and spent ages making things with polystyrene, lollypop sticks, glitter, balloons and rice. Now they want to decorate the Christmas tree. I suppose that's at least one less job for me and Bronwyn.

Our cat has been missing all week. He's quite independent and resourceful, so we're not too worried, but Bronwyn has been preparing notices to hand out. There was an unconfirmed sighting just over the hill, so we think he might have found a more generous human up there, or a plentiful supply of rabbits and ducks...

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