Double trouble 
Nick and Esther went home today. It's been quite a packed couple of weeks. Nick's been updating Facebook every night, so I'll just share some of his postings! We've been to Rotorua, Taupo, Ngatea, Pahi, Whangarei, Waipu caves, Auckland (numerous times), Orewa and Muriwai. A fair chunk of New Zealand. Esther and Rachael got on really well, and have promised to write to each other. Nick brought his purple plastic trombone (with matching lime green mouthpiece) and we had the chance to play at church and in a band rehearsal.

Esther is mad about climbing trees. We took her through the bush on the farm several times, and to the huge fig tree in Pahi, and a big Rata in Whangarei, and numerous others. Didn't get to Tane Mahuta (the biggest Kauri in New Zealand) but then it's not really climbable. Rachael has been doing her best to follow her, but hasn't quite got the nerve. Meanwhile, I've been collecting leaves and identifying them all. Quite suprising how many species we've got in that bush on the hill!

The car has issues. Nick took over driving at Tirau, and tried to keep up with Bronwyn. The engine responded, but the wheels didn't. We had to swap back again after a slight puff of burning clutch. Had to drive slowly until it cooled down a bit. Seems fine for now, but I think it might be time to get a new car! Washing machine is falling apart as well...

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