Wet wet wet... 
The tank has been full for 9 days now. I've dragged out two paddling pools and patched them up. The better one is now full of clear sparkling drinkable water. And the tank's still full. More rain to follow.

Got a number of things done over Christmas. Decided to dig the vegetable garden again for once. Not sure what I can plant this time of year, but it'll give me something to do. Meanwhile, Rachael's off to the Jamboree at the end of the week, then Bronwyn's taking Sarah down for a day, and taking Rachael home in time for Neil's wedding (to a different Rachel). Meanwhile, we've had an enquiry from two young Spanish women who wanted to stay with us, but no idea when or if they're turning up.

Meanwhile, Martin and Bina are down in Christchurch, and their van is back in the garden. It got a window broken, but nothing stolen. Hopefully we can shift it soon, though not necessarily for the price that M&B wanted.

Off to work tomorrow. Back to normality. Our manager is planning all sorts of things for us to do independently now that our hours have been cut. Not sure how much of it is feasible though!

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