Erica's been told she need to complete two essays every night. So she works hard at school all day, then does another hour or two back at home. She's started to take a pillow along with her for the bus journey.

Rachael's been out all day on a shopping trip organised by Auntie Claire. She's come back home with a couple of bags of clothes and shoes, and a rather sparkly watch. Sarah was a bit upset that she wasn't getting a special day out. We'll have to plan something when she turns thirteen...

Bronwyn's parents are still in England, and have done quite a tour of the country, plus all the usual stops for friends and relatives. We had a Skype chat last night round at Claire and Nigel's for Janet's birthday. I won't say which birthday, but it was A Significant One!

Meanwhile, we had some fun trying to move the sheep yesterday. I have theories about sheep. They seem to be completely stupid, yet have a collective intelligence that beats any human. Their telepathic powers are extraordinary, and they know exactly where you want them to go, in order to ensure they go in the opposite direction. Fortunately they have short memories, so after a couple of hours shut up in the wrong paddock they get the idea that they actually want to be in the right one!

Lots of rain today. Got a few jobs indoors instead. Sarah and Erica attacked the freezer with knives and hacked off the ice. I'm not sure which is worse... Erica with a knife or Sarah with a lump of ice!

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