Good progress 
Bronwyn's still in hospital, but she's now able to walk short distances so we're hoping she'll be home very soon. There were a couple of complications after the operation, but she's recovering well. I've been over there every day this week. I know the route very well. Plus all the places to get a free car park!

Martin and Bina have been doing most of the cooking, and they've kept the house in good shape. No news about their van, and apparently it's going to be a difficult job because Nissan put the engine underneath the front seats for some odd reason, and it's very hard to get to. But if our mechanic can't fix it, nobody can. Just hope it doesn't kill him first!

Martin's been teaching Rachael piano. She's picked it up really quickly, and it's a lot easier than trying to get a note out of a cornet. At this age I'm happy she's learning any sort of instrument. Meanwhile, Sarah is no longer doing literacy support, which presumably means she's managed to catch up with her reading. It's still quite a lot of brain work for her, but she can recognise a lot of whole words and unusual letter groups now, so it's just a matter of practice. At the beginning of the year she was struggling to recognise individual letters. Rachael, of course, got top marks in spelling, and good marks for writing in the external exams she's been doing every year.

At least Marting and Bina got to see some fireworks. They went to the big display in the stadium in West Auckland. Very impressive, apparently!


They were worried that a kidney might have got damaged during the operation. They've done tests. No results yet, but Bronwyn doesn't seem too bothered. And Bronwyn's digestion hadn't quite woken up. I'll spare you the details, but they took a sample for analysis. Anyway, Bronwyn is planning on being home tomorrow!

What complications?

Sending my best wishes to Bron, hope shes back on her feet soon

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