Full of beans 
Rachael's off at an Outdoor Pursuits Centre. Not sure what she'll be doing, but it involves a large rucksack and plenty of warm clothing. The rucksack was incredible. I've never seen so many straps.

Our concert with the brass band went well last night, although there weren't many in the audience. We had the Kumeu choir again, and the Rangitoto College barber shop singers. Plus an MC and a video presentation behind to match the music. And far too much food and drink. We'll be eating the chocolates and crisps for a while.

Our three legged calf is doing well, and almost using the fourth leg properly. We've currently got another calf here, but this one looks in a very bad state. Meanwhile, the lambs are growing fast. Bronwyn's been taking them into work each week to show to the children and measure them. They're now officially Too Big, so they'll be staying at home.

Planted broad beans, runner beans, last year's French beans, peas, lettuce, carrots and broccoli. That'll do for now. Just hope we can eat all those beans...

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