Sick. All of us. 
Really felt bad on Friday. Got home, had dinner, went to bed and stayed there almost continually until Sunday afternoon. I'm a lot better now, but I've spent Monday and Tuesday doing as little as possible because I'm getting sick of being sick! Meanwhile, Sarah, Rachael and Bronwyn have all been coughing lots and really tired. We all had Monday off. Rach went back today, and Bronwyn's gone into work. Eloise is fine. She's been walking around with a face mask, and hiding in her room. Bronwyn told her she could move on if she wanted, but she's happy to stay here.

Eloise is a graphic illustrator, and has been doing a bit of painting around the farm. I took her up into the bush to a huge old tree, covered in ancient vines. Hope she can do it justice.

Not sure who we'll have next. We've had several months of continual Chinese. Rachael wanted a break, so Bronwyn's telling them all that we're not going to take any more bookings until after mid October. Hasn't stopped them trying! We'll be in Queenstown for a few days in early October. Just us, as a family. Although Celia and Nana are hoping to catch up with us when we're down there. I'm looking forward to that. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye properly!

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