Big decisions 
It's quiet. Rachael's off at e-camp with her friend Emily. This is the junior version of Easter Camp, but with more mudslides and a trendier name. Hope the weather has been OK for them; we've had rain at last. The tank is full. The tents at Easter Camp got trashed in the storm on Thursday. But it sounds like they've found something else to sleep under instead.

Bronwyn has renewed her provisional teacher registration, but she's been told that she's got two years to finish the training and become fully registered. However, this means she'll need to find a job with a mentor for the next two years, or have to go through retraining. So it's now a big decision as to whether it's worth it, how much it means to her, and what the alternatives are.

At work, we've got a deadline of the end of the month, so we've been working hard to get everything finished. Except he wants a pre-release version ready to demo on Tuesday. Only found out on Thursday. Not sure that's going to be possible...

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