The world is black and white. Mostly black. 
It's always the way. After spending the morning clearing the lounge, you come across them. A marble, two empty chip packets, a single shoe off a barbie doll, and a miscellaneous piece of plastic that looks like it might be important somewhere but you haven't got any energy left to find out. There's also the theory that nature abhors a vacuum. I'd say my family was entirely natural. I'm waiting for the big "Foop" and every random object reclaiming it's rightful spot somewhere on the carpet.

I guess I'm glad I didn't attempt to drag the family into town to see the fireworks. We got quite a good view up the hill. And heard quite a bit too, from 30km away. Rachael's decided she's supporting Argentina. Bronwyn's supporting the All Blacks, her mum is supporting England. I'm supporting Romania. I'm told they gave Scotland quite a run for their money. I'm going to try and learn the national anthem and come to work dressed in blue, yellow and red.

Still no idea about Bronwyn's operation. We're planning a fairly quiet birthday party just in case.

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