Sigrid has been on her mid-stay camp, and is looking very tired. I've been in rehearsals with the brass band most of the weekend. I've had a very full week at work too.

It's not really half way for Sigrid yet. But it already feels like she's been here a very long time. She's very much at home, and there's been no complaints whatsoever.

Brought home a cornet from the band for Rachael to try out. She's managed to make some sort of noise, which is a good start. Once she can play a scale, she's good enough to join the junior band.

The band is sounding a lot better. The national contest is coming up next month. I'm practising in the car, doing tonguing exercises and buzzing tunes. Just not while waiting at the lights...

Sigrid's been through mock exams at school, and is still breathing. She doesn't actually have to come away with any qualifications, but she wants to do well in English.

It's wet. Really wet. I cleared out the leaves from the gutter so at least most of it went down the right way. The farm is pretty waterlogged. At the band hall, someone's dug a little trench to take the water out to the ditch at the road. It was so deep it was threatening to overwhelm the septic tank.

Dataview has now officially merged with Watchdog, who specialise in internet filtering for schools. We had a little celebration last week. They work on the ground floor, and we're upstairs. It's going to make some things easier, because we'll have enough staff for us to be able to specialise, rather than running around trying to fix all sorts of things and not really doing anything well. It's going to be interesting.

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