A brief respite 
It's going to be a busy two months. Two contests, two concerts, three times running the computer at church and twice playing trombone. But next week we're off to a wedding; one of Bronwyn's old friends from Way Back. So we'll be away for the next weekend. May is going to be so quiet, but I'm sure I'll find something to do.

Rachael and Sarah are going to be flower girls. Well, actually Rachael is a dog-girl, because Natalie wanted to include one of her dogs in the wedding. She's quite into animals, and worked as a vet nurse for a time. I just hope Rachael's dress survives! Sarah's dress used to be Rachael's at Claire's wedding. The two of them look really good with their matching sashes.

We've had more rain, and it's now warm and sunny again. So the dam is overflowing (or at least up to the drainage pipe) and the paddocks are green again. Haven't seen my trees for a while, but my little collection at home is slowly growing.

Bronwyn is still looking for work, but has a couple of offers in the pipeline. I'm really busy at work. I think it's the tablets my product manager is taking. He keeps signing us up for more projects from the Ministry of Education, which is great, but I generally end up doing the work!

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