The spare room is 90% finished. Bronwyn wants to do the corridor too. We've been spending every spare moment doing bits this week. Bronwyn still doesn't trust her foot, so I've had to do the bits up the top.

She pointed out that there's only one power socket in the room; an ancient one that might be over 50 years old, and in a most awkward place. So we could end up getting our electrician in, plus the plasterer, and more paint...

Had a peculiar week at work. We've move into our new office in Orewa, which is just up the coast from where we were, and closer to the beach. On Wednesday the programmers had a day discussing how things are going in the future, which started in a cafe, then another cafe, then a picnic table by the beach, then a Japanese restaurant, and finally beck to the new office with chocolates, crisps, beer and coke. Must do that more often. Yesterday we did the final move, and spent ages trying to wire up the phones and computers.

It's a smaller office, and we're going to struggle to fit everything into the tiny kitchen. But it should cost less than the previous one. We're also trying to stop using a couple of huge computers that someone leased several years ago, and have been costing us thousands ever since. We can buy a pretty decent server for their monthly leasing fee now, so it's stupid not to.

It's been warm and sunny. Summer appears to have come early. But it's still pretty cold further south.

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