A nine year old girl 
We're a bit short for people to run the projector at church, so this week Rachael did it. I gave her a quick lesson on Thursday night, and got her set up this morning. She did really well. I made the announcement that with up to 100 adults there, the show was being run from the back by a nine year old girl. We've now got a couple of volunteers wanting to learn, which is going to make things a lot easier. Apparently two guitarists have come out of hibernation too, now that summer is on the way.

Thanks Dave, and others who were shocked by Bronwyn losing her job. She's been writing things down, in case we bother to take the matter further, but for now it's probably best to get some sense of normality and get her on the list for part time relief work. I'll keep you posted.

Warm and sunny here. I've decided to stop planting trees and instead look after the ones we've got, and collect seeds for next year. So far the pukekos (purple swamp hens) have only uprooted a couple. I'm working on the basis that I can plant more than they can uproot.

We lost two lambs this week and gained a sheep. It looks as if two lambs were abandoned; they were quite well grown but dehydrated, and they didn't last long. However, a muddy brown sheep appeared in the drive one day. I thought it had been rolling in something, but apparently it's meant to look like that. It had escaped from over the road. We'll keep it in out paddock until it's time to take the sheep to the yards. If it doesn't escape back first.

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