Winter colours 
We saw the aurora! Bronwyn said that some guy on Facebook had seen a pink glow, so we went outside to have a look. It was indeed pink. As we fiddled for our cameras, it changed to green. Then vertical lines appeared, and it grew to cover a large chunk of the sky. We watched for about 20 minutes until it got just a bit too cold. Apparently that was the only time it was visible in Auckland that night. I've never seen it before, and I've been a lot closer to the pole in England.

Duchess has settled down a bit. She's developed a liking for sofas, despite having her own soft cushions. We've had sheep in the paddock so I haven't done the drive up and down the hill so much, although I did manage to clock her downhill at 50kph once. She does enjoy running through the bush though. I'll be digging at some blackberry and wondering where she is. Then suddenly there'll be a thud and a crash, and Duchy appears, runs past at top speed, and disappears into the forest on the other side.

Sarah had her 19th birthday last week. We got her tickets to the King And Country concert last week. She had really wanted to go, but it was all sold out. Unknown to her, Bronwyn had got a couple of tickets on pre-release. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and described it as the Best Birthday Ever. This week it'll be Rachael's turn.

I've been feeding the ducks. We get a number of them using our dam as a stopover when the acorns are on the ground It's also hunting season, so there's number of others arriving as well. I've been sneaking out after dark and putting out some chicken food. I think it's worked; we now have about 50 there on a regular basis. At least we have plenty of chicken food...

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