Poetic justice 
Warm and wet today. Guess I'll stay indoors.

Went to collect the lawnmower, but it was missing a vital metal thingy that held the cutting head off the ground. Apparently Claire had tried to use it, but had run out of petrol. She had a tiny dribble in a can, which she used to get the thing back to the garage, but the head was dragging on the concrete. Bronwyn's dad was planning to fix it. I had the feeling it was poetic justice, after all it's not their lawnmower, and they could have asked first...

Unplanned trip to Katikati on Thursday, about 200km. One of the old conductors of the band died last Sunday, and several of us went down to play at the funeral. When I got there, I met up with several people from my church - apparently Murray had been in our church about 8 years ago, before going to Katikati. It suddenly felt like a rather small world. Nice drive too - the road follows a gorge through the hills.

There was one comment that stuck in my mind. Murray had found greater passion, and more acceptance in the band than in church. There is much to be said about fellowship and dedication, and it's not necessarily found in the places it's preached!

I think I'll leave my trip to England for now; it's going to be a lot simpler (and easier on the bank balance). So Bronwyn will go to Singapore with the girls in October, and I'll plan something later...

Otherwise all quiet, apart from the usual domestic incidents. Rachael borrowed Sarah's toy phone. Sarah came to me and wanted it back. So I asked Rachael to give it back. I got a lengthy convoluted explanation as to why she was ABOUT to give it back, but that I hadn't given her a chance, and now I was telling her off, and Sarah had told on her, and and etc. Anything to delay giving it back... Ah, and Bronwyn found one of my coffee mugs in pieces hidden in a cupboard. Haven't dared sort that one out!

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