Sarah has brought home another pair of chicks from school. She hasn't named them yet, but they're doing well so far and learning to peck for food. Claire's son Cooper has also got some chicks, and they're off skiing this weekend, so we're looking after them too. Bronwyn's installed them in the old laundry under the heat lamp.

And we've got a paraplegic lamb. He's got spina bifida, and his back legs barely work. But his front legs are fine, and he's otherwise healthy and very lively. We'll probably make some wheels for his back half at some point. Meanwhile, he's learning to get around by scrambling frantically with his front legs. And he's in nappies. Yes. Bronwyn decided it wasn't good for him to sit in his own wee all the time. Rachael has decided he needs a strong masculine name, so she's called him Zeus. I'm thinking more along the lines of "Wheels".

Erica did her exam again today, and she thinks it went better than last time. She had a topic "Something that made you happy". That's a lot easier than "School Rules". Next week, she's going to move out to a house in North Shore, about half an hour from here. And buying a car. Hope it all goes to plan!

Rachael's off on camp with the Guides this weekend. Hope they've got good shelter. We've had quite a bit of rain this weekend.

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