Bronwyn bought a mini water slide. It has a tube with holes along one side, so you get sprayed as you slide along. Rachael, Sarah and Bronwyn all tried it. I hung up the grass and mud stained swimming togs to dry...

Several people were away for Christmas day, so we had a big dinner round at Claire's on Christmas Eve. Followed by a smaller dinner on Christmas day. Today, we had lunch in the shade of my in-law's garden.

The lounge is looking tidier than usual for this time of year. I spent a lot of time tidying up and washing loads of clothes. I spent Boxing Day sorting out the spare room, and came across a huge boxful of 5 year old clothes, so Sarah will be pleased. I've put a lot of stuff up in the loft, but there's plenty more that could go up, and I think I might need more boards up there to put it on. I washed a foam mattress yesterday. I put it in the bath and squelched it with my feet. I then put it on the washing line and hosed it down. It's still damp.

Finished covering our arm chair. Now it has arms again. Or at least more than fraying foam and bare wood.

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon looking up funding sources, primarily for the youth project. I had to go into the city library, because they have an account with the directory of funding. Otherwise I'd have to pay by the hour, and it's not cheap. Now I have a long list of websites to look up and sort out.

It's hot and sunny, and likely to get humid. But there's a little rain on the way. I've been watering the garden. We have two taps in the garden. One comes from our tank. The other comes from the lake. I prefer to use the lake. It's smelly, but bigger.

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