Rachael's off at Girl Guide camp. Sigrid's off at a delayed induction camp. Sarah spent Friday night at Nanna's. So Bronwyn decided to take me out to a restaurant for the evening. Nice pizza. Quite cheap, and friendly service, although the waitress was dressed a little odd. Top half - dapper 1920's, complete with feathers. Bottom half - rugby shorts and socks.

Sigrid's hoping to go to Easter camp with the church, but it clashes with the South Island trip, so she's doing that later in the year.

We had a lot of rain, so I've filled up the paddling pool and Sarah's had a great time out there with an umbrella. Bronwyn's made a canopy with scraps of material, tent poles, guy ropes and yards of duct tape.

Last night was a charity concert for the Christchurch earthquake appeal. Next week is the Kumeu Show. Then it's another concert for the council. Unusually busy for this time of year. Meanwhile we're moving into the new band room (which is absolutely huge compared to the old one) apart from some final carpentry and finishing off.

My proudest moment was fixing Sigrid's clock. The hour hand wasn't moving. I took it all to pieces, and right at the back the hour cog has one missing tooth and two bent ones. I unbent them, and it seems to have worked. Meanwhile, the cat has bitten through Bronwyn's power cord for her laptop. Fortunately it was only the 19V end. Looks like it's time for a new one because the plug is falling apart. And the boss has let me buy some LEDs to put into the table I made at work. I've ordered some coloured ones to put around the inside, and three super bright ones for underneath. Six hundred candle power each. Blue. Should look cool, if the carpet doesn't catch fire.

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