Trees. And another houseful 
The Girl Guides (and probably the Scouts) are coming round next week to plant some trees. I've spenty half the seekend going through them and potting them up. Run out of compost, and running low on pots as well. But I've got enough to plant next week.

The whole master plan was to designate the area as native wetland, and covenant it to the council in order to get another title, in order to subdivide the farm and allow more of Bronwyn's brothers and sisters to share the land. However, after Mr Snooty from the council came to visit, it seems that only the margins with rushes and sedges actually count as wetland, and the rest doesn't apply. Well, not for a long time, when we can then count it as native forest! And we need to demolish the dam, because it's dividing the watercourse and preventing the free flow of fish. Which would make farming a little tricky!

We're under siege. We've had at least ten requests from people who want to stay with us, in just the last two days. Two English, one spanish, one italian, two "positive" swedes (we missed out on the "fearless" finns some weeks ago) and dozens of Hong Kong and Chinese. But instead, this weekend we had Rachael's friend and her family to stay. Plus the dog. We're all pretty tired; Bronwyn is currently trying to herd the girls into bed...

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