Apparently the container ship we saw in Bluff was stuck there in quarantine, with a number of the crew having Covid. Fortunately it was several kilometres away, on the other side of the harbour, on the end of a very long pier!

My laptop died after Wellington. Had to share Bronwyn's laptop in the South Island. And my mouse died simultaneously. But all working now, and considerably faster. Fortunately the hard disk was still readable. I'm taking several backups as I type...

One lamb is due to be collected by a foster family. We named her Lulu. There's also Larry and Lilly. So far we've had a good season. Usually we lose quite a few, but only two lambs and two sheep so far.

And apparently we are now the proud owners of a duck. Mavis has been hanging out here for months. Her previous owner says she was a rescue duck, and since she's adopted us, we might as well have her. Not that we really own her. She obviously eats very well in our dam, and just hangs out when there's a chance of chicken food!

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