Never quite know what's going to happen next... 
Coralie left us on Wednesday heading to Christchurch. Wednesday happened to be the first anniversary of the earthquake, so there were all sorts of commemorations going on. She's stayed an extra couple of days in Christchurch because her friend booked the wrong date, and didn't arrive until Friday. Fortunately Rob organised a bed for her. Meanwhile, everybody else has cancelled, so we've got a free house until April. We're going to miss Coralie, but she's determined to visit us again when she's back up here.

My car passed its warrant check after some creative accounting by our mechanic. But there's a few jobs that need doing in the next few months!

But the vegetables are doing well. Over the last seven or so years I've poured the ashes from the fire out there. Now everything seems to be growing well! Planted some kumara (like sweet potatoes) from some plants raised by Bronwyn's mum, and I've dug out some more ground for the remaining beans and carrots. The lettuce is ready. Might try a salad tonight.

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