Stormy and Gabriel 
Took the cat back again. His cat flu was really getting quite bad, and he was also terrified of going outside. We had asked for an outdoors cat to catch mice. The vet told Bronwyn to "make a bit of a scene" and claim back all the vet bills, which she did, but we're yet to hear back from them (the SPCA). The manager will be in work tomorrow.

We've got three calves now, and yes, the third one was named Gabriel. Hopefully there won't be another. There are two dead cows out in the top paddock, and two dead calves, and we're not wanting any more. Angel is doing really well, and has developed quite a cheeky temper. Michael and Gabriel both need a bit of help feeding, and they are also on antibiotics. We have to stop Angel shoving the other two out of the way; she has a clever tactic of shifting sideways at the feeding trough and stopping the other two getting in.

It rained this morning, but I don't think it sank in far. The ground is still dry and dusty, but not quite as much as yesterday. There is a cold front due tomorrow; it could be our last chance of rain for another week!

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