We're now in the Premier Inn, Heathrow. There's three Premier Inns here. We're not in the one we originally booked with. The taxi driver took us to the wrong one. But they've transferred the booking and we're all set up here instead.

Singapore was cloudy and not too hot. Which is good, because we planned quite a bit. We did the River Safari on the first day. Just for the morning. Well, that was the plan. We decided to get lunch back at the hotel. There was a long queue for the taxi, and no taxi. So we got the bus to the train station instead. Except we went the wrong way, and ended up doing a tour of Singapore trying to get back home again! It was 3:30 by the time we got lunch.

Did the zoo and the night safari on the second day. They're all in the same area, so you can walk from one to the other. Deliberately didn't get to the zoo until after lunch, which was just as well because it was another long day. The night safari starts at 7:30pm, and everyone piled out of the zoo and round the corner to join the queue. There's a show at the start, and they all piled into that. So we just went the other way and had a very peaceful stroll along the paths trying to spot things in the low light.

They have a number of things I've never seen before. At the River Safari, they had a giant salamander. Huge black thing with a head bigger than the rest of it, as far as I could tell. Plus some very weird looking fish. I've now met a Binturong and a number of other peculiar creatures. And a slow loris. He was indeed pretty slow.

Met up with some our friends at the Christmas in the park, which was impressive, but again was heaving with people! Escaped to the far side of the river, and watched the light show from a safe distance. Also managed to meet up with another couple who stayed with us during the year, but by then we were all shattered, and a little queasy, so I went downstairs and chatted with them while trying to keep my eyes open. On the way back, it'll be the weekend, so we're hoping to get everyone together and meet up properly.

Nice hotel. It was on top of a shopping centre. Floors 1 to 6 were the shops. Floor 7 was the restaurant and pool. Floors 8 to 24 was the hotel. Two different lifts, and there was another hotel on the block, so you had to pick the right ones! Had issues with the washbasin though. The tap, when fully open, gave a delicate sprinkle. The plug didn't seal well, so the maximum depth of water was about half an inch. They fixed it while we were out, so we had the luxury of a decent basin full on the last day.

We're taking it easy today, after a long flight. Rachael hasn't left the room, and has barely left the bed. I've made it to McDonalds (next door) and back.


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