T minus 3 
Bronwyn is finished. All her learning stories typed up and printed. Nearly lost one this afternoon - the file was on the USB drive and got corrupted. She wasn't happy. But fortunately it was in the old Word format, which meant I could open the thing in Notepad and found all the text at the top. She's spotted a mistake in another document, so once that's fixed she can get the lot couriered to Wellington.

The second carol concert at a different elderly home went reasonably well. Lost the guitars at one point because they had a different set of verses. Lost the trombone twice due to a sneeze. But otherwise, it all went smoothly. We can put the carol sheets away for next year.

Did some more work tidying the garden, and then off to the brass band Christmas dinner. The next Christmas dinner will be a more traditional English one. I've had enough barbecues and rice salad. I haven't seen any turkey yet.

Spent a while tidying the house. Our cleaning lady arrives early tomorrow. It would be good if she could actually reach the places she needs to clean.

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