Bronwyn's been back home for a week. She's still on strong painkillers, but can float about the house with ease, given sufficient morphine. She can't lift anything or bend down. Not that she doesn't try!

Went to see Rachael's new school at the induction last week. It's a catholic school in town; the same one thst Bronwyn went to. I guess if Bronwyn wants to send here daughter there, then the experience can't have been that bad. It looked quite laid back - not a nun in sight. They have a big focus on music in the first year, and Rachael wants to learn clarinet. Must see if I can borrow one to give her a taste of what she's in for...

Martin and Bina's van is back in the garden, and it's a blown head gasket. It's good if you're only travelling 9km. Any more than that and there's a loud bang from the engine and a pipe explodes. Martin is planning to list it for sale, and is hunting around for a car to finish off their tour of New Zealand in. They were planning to move on shortly, but they'll need transport first.

Christmas starts next week. Two parades on Saturday. Two on the weekend after. I had a quiet weekend in advance...

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