Cat in exile 
Got a lot done this week. I think I need another weekend. At least the cat hasn't done anything this week. Hasn't been able to. He's been sleeping outside all week! Tidied the office yesterday (and vacuumed up all the cat food). Bronwyn made a good effort on the lounge. If we can bring the kitchen under control, we'll have successfully restricted the chaos to the bedrooms.

Bronwyn has her big birthday on the 2nd October, but it might get rearranged because she's due for the rescheduled operation around then. We haven't organised anything definite yet. Meanwhile, Bronwyn's brother Neil is getting married next January. The ceremony is going to be on the farm here. Should be good.

I've been working on three different jobs this week. The normal one, plus a couple of projects for old customers. It's worked OK so far, so long as they're happy to wait until Saturday to get a response! Meanwhile, Bronwyn only managed one day at work this week. She did her normal Monday, but she couldn't make Thursday or Friday. On Wednesday they wanted to work in Takapuna, which is quite a long way and in peak traffic. She was reluctant. Fortunately she wasn't well that day...


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