Angel the calf stayed with us for a week, and then we managed to attach her to a cow that had had a stillborn. However, there have been two more calves with useless mothers, so we might end up with two in the garden. It's all the fault of our bull, who got in with the young cows last year. Young cows tend to have more complications.

Had my 40th birthday last week. I actually feel younger than last year, but then I was pretty ill last November. No grey hairs yet, at least not in a publicly viewable spot. We had the party on Saturday, and had quite a few from the church and family, plus some neighbours and other friends. As seems usual, we ended up with more food than we started with, despite everyone eating their fill. I spent most of Saturday tidying the house, so I was pretty tired by Saturday night.

It's the Parachute music festival next weekend, and I'm doing the night shift again. Haven't sorted out where I'm sleeping the day yet, but I have a few options.

The poor tree by the road has lost another branch. There are now only three major branches left, although these all point upwards, so are probably safer. Years ago, the main shoot was taken for a Christmas tree, hence all the major branches have grown outwards from the base. I think it's lost 5 so far. But we have a huge supply of pine cones. These serve two purposes. They are good for starting fires, and roll down the hill at great speed with the dog chasing close behind.

Princess needs shearing. She's got enough hair to make a full jumper, and it's warm in January!


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