T minus 8 
First of many Christmas dinners yesterday. This one was for the youth trust. Tomorrow is the men's group. Sunday is the brass band. There's another next Friday but I won't be around of course!

Had to drive into town yesterday because Rachael forgot to bring her Duke of Edinburgh's award book for the guitar teacher to sign off. Sarah's bus didn't show up due to the bridge round the corner being repaired. The bridge structure was fine, but there was a big hole in the road bed. They blocked traffic one way in order to fix it. Today, Rachael's bus didn't show up (well, not until 9:30, at least!) She was still there after I'd bought petrol and been in the supermarket. I passed Bronwyn on the way back, and managed to flag her down, so she took Rachael in instead.

Bronwyn worked late yesterday and today, trying to sort out the documentation for her teacher registration. Plus more work at home afterwards. Yesterday, it was Rachael that told Mum to go to bed. First time ever...

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