Smells, wind and brass 
Bronwyn's friend Peggy arrived from Singapore last Sunday, and almost immediately we all went ill. I thought she might have brought it, but now she's got it herself! But they managed to do quite a bit this week, seeing quite a few places around Auckland, and a few trips around the farm. We're off to Rotorua tommorrow (the smelly place, with the hot corrosive steam bubbling up from the drains) for three days, and I'm looking forward to a quiet break.

The trampoline made a break for it on Monday. We had very high winds, and it managed to fly across the garden, over an apple tree, cleared the fence and rolled down towards the drive. It was just as well nobody was around, and also that it didn't hit the house. It must weigh about 60Kg. Fortunately the damage was minimal, and apart from a couple of bent pipes and a broken weld, it's all intact. Neil (Bronwyn's brother) was going to look at fixing it.

The nationals went well; I don't know how we were placed, but I'm told it sounded really good. And it was quite something to watch the cream of New Zealand bands marching out for the Parade of Bands. It was so awe-inspiring that we almost for got our place in the line up, and had to quickly assemble. It was a long march, and quite exhausting to keep playing for all that distance. Hence the bands got more of a cheer at the other end, from all the other bands that had gone before them! But now we can relax, and Monday's rehearsal will be cancelled. Just as well, since I won't be there anyway.


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