We've all had it this week. Sarah had swollen tonsils on Monday, Rachael's had a nasty cough, I was off sick for three days, and Bronwyn's had a temperature up to 40. She's still very tired and full of aches. So we've spent the weekend in. Well, technically I shouldn't have been off to the solo competition yesterday, but it largely involved four hours sitting down waiting, and ten minutes playing. I did my best, but it's not easy when you're low on blood sugar and feeling in need of a chimney sweep down your lungs.

We're not on the official statistics, but the symptoms are so close to swine flu that I'd be suprised if it wasn't. Basically, they're only bothering to test you if you've been in direct contact with a known case, or have serious symptoms. So it could easily be all over the country by now.

It's warmer now, but damp. Very damp, and more rain to come. I'm glad I cleared the driveway of mud, otherwise I'd have difficulty crossing it in a wheelbarrow, let alone a car.

Hopefully we'll get well soon. Pity the children don't get the "loss of energy" symptoms, just the adults. They're currently chasing each other round the lounge on an old tricycle...

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