The decorations are still up, but slowly coming unstuck. Finally managed to eat the last bit of cake this week. Rachael's outing last week went really well, with ice skating (in costume) and a movie. She wanted to see a second movie, but it's probably a good thing that Bronwyn said no - she was absolutely shattered the next day!

The new chickens have arrived. They're 4 months old, so no eggs yet, but they seem to be settling in well. No escape bids. In fact, they've bonded well with the older one, and Bronwyn has taken down the fence in the middle.

Rachael is completing her history thesis. While I was out digging potatoes, she came out and asked me about the chemical composition of, um, farts. I wanted to know what that had to do with the storming of the Bastille. Apparently Bronwyn had wanted to know. Sarah is doing her family tree. Fortunately we've got lots of records from all sides, back to the 1700s. She's going to need a big piece of paper...

Lots of rain. The tank gained about 10000 litres in four days, and then it was full. It carried on raining for another six. Now it's cold. A couple of mild frosts so far. I'm attempting to protect the hibiscus, which has decided to flower right at the worst moment!

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