Unusually busy for March 
Bronwyn held the inaugural meeting of the Norwest Auckland Aspergers support group last Sunday. Apparently it went really well, they're holding another get together next month, AND they left me some biscuits! There was quite a bit of interest; sounds like there's nothing much at all out this way; everything tends to focus on the population centres in Auckland and North Shore.

I was out at a concert with the brass band. That went really well, although it hadn't been well publicised. Yesterday was the Kumeu Show, and three more hours of tromboning. I was pretty shattered afterwards. Bronwyn was out there with the girls too; it's Girl Guide Biscuit Selling Season again.

I managed to mangle my ankle while jumping over a fence into the veggie garden. While lying on the grass in agony, it occurred to me that there wasn't any gate, and that I'd have to climb the same fence to get out. Ouch. Fortunately it's a lot better now. And after three fillings and an extraction, my jaw doesn't hurt. Much. My eye is still rather blurred and sore. I think I got a speck of dust in it on camp, and it got infected and inflamed. Think I need a fourth trip to the doctor!

It's been very dry lately. Ross said his mate was out raking hay, and Ross lost sight of him in the dust. But there's allegedly some rain later in the week...

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