Summing up 
Christmas was a day early; we had a big party at Claire's house "The Arkell Events Centre" with plenty to eat, followed by some leftovers on Christmas day. On Christmas Eve I took home the takings for the last days carolling. About 6kg of coins. Fortunately the bank has a rather nifty coin counting machine; you pour them in at the top, and it gives you a receipt. Found a few Australian and Vanuatan coins as well, so I think we might start up a holiday fund for overworked conductors.

A lot of rain since then. The tank is nearly full. Should have enough to last until winter now. The farm is green and muddy. Can't see the road at all now because of the trees. We're very much influenced by the Pacific here, and it it decides to give us a miss for the year, everything turns yellow. They were warning about that this year too, but got it completely wrong. Should be more sun next month, but I think the New Year celebrations might be a bit of a drip.

Martin tells me that as a postman, he never believes the forecast. In fact, he always beleives the opposite. I've taken to watching the Rain Radar, because at least you can see exactly where the rain is going!

Martin and Bina left early yesterday. They're spending the New Year in Christchurch (which should be a lot drier than here), then they're heading off to Fiji for a couple of weeks, and then home. The van still isn't sold. It's been left outside the mechanics place, so we've got about a week or so before it really needs to disappear. Pity; it looks quite a cosy little van, but if it's only good for 9km, it's not much good for touring...

It's been quite a full year, with some highs and lows. I can honestly say it's been worth it, although I think if I went through it again there's a few things I'd do differently. But I've learnt a lot, and I feel a lot stronger now and ready to build on it for next year!

Have a dry New Year...

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