Lawnmowers. I think grass is easier. 
Our phone line was down for four days. We think it was a digger doing a trench for another cable. Knocked out about 50 houses!

Worked out what was wrong with the lawnmower. Part of the cutter deck is broken and pulling away, hence one pulley wheel was out of line and the belt fell off. Neil welded it back, but it looks like we'll need to buy a new cutter deck at some point! The problem now is that it won't start. Probably because the spark plugs have had it.

Managed to mow the front lawn last week. Part of the back lawn was done by the goats, on a clever arrangement of rope and a dog leash. Unfortunately they only liked the nice new leaves off the trees, and hardly touched the grass. Apparently Claire's lawnmower is also out of action. It refused to go in neutral, and remained stuck in gear. Nigel got so fed up he let it run over a small cliff. More welding work for Neil..

It's all on. Next year Sigrid from Norway will be staying with us. We've exchanged a few emails, and it sounds like she's really looking forward to it. We are too. Haven't done any painting for a while because we're still debating about putting in another mains socket or two, since the room currently only has one, in a rather bizarre position part way up the wall on the wrong side of the room.

Great fun at church this morning. We were wrapping up a series about the entire bible story, and we split up into groups. Our group had to do a short drama showing the Bible narrative in 2 minutes. Tricky. There were 30 of us, on a stage designed for about 7. When we did "The Fall" the stage was in chaos as we all hit the floor...

Sarah is watching a Barbie movie. Rachael is at a sleepover with her friends. No idea where Bronwyn is. We usually have Sunday lunch at Bronwyn's parents, but there's nobody there either!

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