Wasn't well last week. Had a long discussion at the doctors as to whether I had to pay full rates for the prescription due to being a non-resident, but eventually they decided I was a nice British chap and let me off with the normal rates.

Spent Saturday in Chesterfield and Sunday in Coventry. Thanks to Moray for making it all the way to Dave's house in Chesterfield from Carlisle for the day! Dave's latest gadgets include a reclining tricycle (pity the tarmac is so rough!) and a playstation 3, on which we played the Lego version of Star Wars. Rather cute.

Caught up with a number of friends in Coventry, and had a great evening at the church with the Quiz Night. One round involved recognising country flags. One flag was instantly recognisable, and I hissed out the name madly across the table. NEW ZEALAND!

I put the voice of Yoda on my mother's satnav. Rather fun, but quite good because of the way he puts the verb last. It makes it quicker to get to the important "right" or "left". When I got to one place, he announced proudly "At your destination, you have arrived. Your journey, now begins. May the force be with you." I've put "Jane English" back on now for my mother's sake.

Dropped in on my old brass band last night. They were preparing for several events, but lent me a trombone and let me join in. Enjoyed it, but reminded me that I haven't done a lot of practise lately!

I worked out that I had only taken about 5 holidays so far, so I've spent the day helping out my Mum with The List. Got quite a bit done today. My mother has also bought a netbook, so I've been teaching her how to use it. Meanwhile, she's been buying me shirts and trousers. I hope I've still got room in the suitcase...

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