We got through 86 hot cross buns on Friday. This is amazing, because Bronwyn's mum only made 84. I think someone was exaggerating!

I found a few blackberries. None of them were worth eating, except one rather shrivelled one. I think I found more wasp nests than blackberries. But the brambles are cleared, the rubbish hole is overflowing, and my arms are full of scratches. Time to do something else instead.

Still no rain. Storm clouds are circling all around us, but carefully avoid crossing the North Island!

Bronwyn's foot is slowly getting better. The nurse dug out a little patch of dead tissue, and told her to come back on Tuesday. Meanwhile, she's still on crutches. I'll probably need the nurse as well, because my ear is full of wax again. Fortunately it only affects one and not the other!

The children have been busy eating chocolate, making fizzy bath bombs, painting, rearranging the house, and tearing each other to pieces. Nothing new there. But Sarah will be starting school in about 8 weeks time, which I'm sure Rachael is looking forward to...

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