A week or two ago, the church gave us some groceries since we were struggling financially. With Bronwyn now working things are getting easier. Bronwyn's friend Jackie was the next target; she's just moved out of a rather awkward situation and wants to start afresh. So the church got her some groceries too. However, Jackie didn't need half of it, so quietly gave it to me. Meanwhile, a friend Chrissy at church said she'd just got a fine for not doing her warrant on the car, and she didn't have a clue how to pay it. You can call me slow if you like; I had Jackie's stuff in the back seat and I didn't think. Anyway, I'm going to take some stuff to Chrissy later this afternoon, and I phoned up the pastor and suggested a likely candidate for the next batch of groceries. There's no way we'll get through three bags of potatoes, so it's come at a good moment.

Des, Bronwyn's old youth leader, came round with his wife and one child to look at our washing machine. He's an electrician, but not in washing machines, so we spent a while probing the mechanics and deciding what might be wrong. He went home with a motor thingy, which he was going to plug in the mains and test. One day we might have a working washing machine, or at least a useful space where it used to be.

Played trombone in church this morning. Went quite well; we had a number of comments. The leader was a jazz musician. and picked some songs that had good melody and harmony. I actually enjoyed all the songs, rather than taking five songs just to get in the swing of it.

Remind me never to join Waitakere Brass. We had a rehearsal last night in their band hall, which is deep in the heart of the city, well away from the motorway, and took 45 minutes to get to. During the break I studied their notice board. They are going to the same contest in two week's time, but they're rehearsing all day Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, next Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and then off to the contest. Personally I'd prefer to lose but have time to walk outside! We seem to be playing well, but there are still a few spots which need looking at.

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