A weekend away 
One of my old friends passed away this week. It all happened very quickly - she had been unwell for a while, then was unable to do anything one day, and went into hospital. She died a couple of days later of cancer. Everyone is in shock. She touched a lot of people through the sunday school, and kept in touch with numerous people even when the rest of the church had given up on them. She had an awful lot of faith in people.

We're away for a weekend; Bronwyn's old friend Natalie is getting married. Sarah is going to be a flower girl, and Rachael is a dog girl. Natalie is very keen on animals, and has become the South Island representative for Swedish Vallhunds. Not that there are an awful lot of Swedish Vallhunds in the south island, although one of her neigbours runs a husky sleigh team, and keeps the town awake all hours. Thankfully we're not leading a horse up the aisle.

The wedding is in the Ngatea Water Gardens. About 15 years ago, someone bought a paddock, and turned it into a garden. It's full of all sorts of odd things. The dovecote has "For rent" signs on it. There are fake crocodiles floating in the water, and a sign pointing straight down saying "Buried village - 10 metres". It's officially closed for the weekend, but they're opening it up for the wedding.

Bronwyn now has a new denture with four teeth on it, and several fillings. It cost us quite a bit, but hopefully she won't need any more work for a while. Meanwhile she went for a cholesterol test, and they said her blood sugar was too high, so she had to go in for more tests last Friday!

Bronwyn's been for another job interview. This is at a creche in a tourist attraction. It's called "Old MacDonald's Farm". It's about 25 minutes drive, but along the back roads so there shouldn't be a lot of traffic. No news on that, or the original agency job, but it takes weeks to get a police check here so anything could happen.

Monday. Three limp helium balloons are on the floor, and it's taken us a while to get up. My comment about the horse very nearly happenned. We were on the road to Ngatea. It's typical of many of the roads in the Huaraki Plains - dead straight, flat as a pancake, and 6.7km long. Suddenly Bronwyn slowed down. There was a horse on the road. With no rider. And another on the side. We pulled into the nearest house, but nobody was in. WE then tried a farm house. Nobody there either. But the cows were in the milking shed. So off Bronwyn goes, and tracks down a woman in the shed. She makes some comment about "#^@?! husband leaving the gate open" and phones her son. We then head out to the other farm on the far side of the road, and apprehended the horses. They obviously knew what they were doing, because one had made his way straight for a bale of hay.

Meanwhile. we set off for the wedding. Natalie was late. Over an hour. There is a one lane bridge that we all had to cross, and half of Auckland was heading home on it. From then on it all went smoothly. The dog was very well behaved, and Rachael and Sarah were the star attraction on the dance floor. It was past 10pm by the time we finally went home.

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